Wittmann Battenfeld Pit Crew

Seeing is believing

Which is why I, for one, am immensely looking forward to the WITTMANN BATTENFELD MacroPower Days in Kottingbrunn, April 22–23rd. Not only will we get to look at a total of seven MacroPower-based production lines, there will be the latest SmartPower and EcoPower machines on view. There will be exhibits on lightweight molding with organo sheets and intelligent touch foils for appliances and automotive. The invited visitors will see the new MacroPower production hall in full operation, including views of assembly, screw production and workcell management. We will witness the start up of the large machining center PAMA 160 and we will also be able to view other building and development work in progress. “A kid in a sweet shop” will just about sum it up for me on the day.

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